Save your Home from Foreclosure! Contact Us About a Possible Loan Modification, to Lower your Mortgage Payments, Lower Interest Rates. We Can Arrange for a Forensic Loan Audit and perhaps discover predatory violations in the loan you were granted! This will add significant leverage for our negotiating team. If Loan Modification is denied or your hardship prevents you from meeting Loan Mod terms, we have several team partnerships with legal law firms so we can pursue successful negotiations and achieve Short Sale Success for you! If you have Missed Mortgage Payments and especially if you have received a Notice of Foreclosure, it is Urgent that you Contact Us Today by filling out the form below. Time is your worst enemy. Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us Now!
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    When you work with us, you are assisted by licensed real estate professionals, as well as the services of professional partners, who
    are specialists as well as experts in this field!  The best of the best!

    Our Partners Include:

     Legal Law Firms, Loan Modification Specialists,
    Forensic Loan Audit Teams, Short Sale Teams,
    Recommended Home Inspectors, Financial Advisors,
    Successful Loan Modification & Short Sale Negotiators!

    If you want to try to save your home, and have not been previously declined a loan modification, you can be referred to one
    of our
    loan modification partners so they can negotiate the lowering  of your payments, the lowering of your interest rate, and in some cases, a full or partial reduction in your mortgage balance that exceeds market value.  Any or all of these terms are possible.

    A newer consideration to
    help save your home, is the option to conduct a Forensic Loan Audit This process will verify whether your loan was TILA and RESPA compliant or not, they will

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    verify all required disclosures you were or were not afforded, when the loan was being applied for, being processed, finally approved, and when documents were signed for closing.

    Should violations be discovered, you can imagination the benefit this will have on negotiating either a Loan Modification or Short Sale on your behalf.  The lien holder may honor your requested terms
    should violations be uncovered, especially if we use one of our legal law firm partners, to negotiate your loan mod or short sale on your behalf.

    According to the National Association of Mortgage Underwriters (NAMU), has stated their survey has revealed that over 83% of the loans granted between 2001-2006, were in violation.

    If you are a homeowner with a financial hardship, and unable to keep your mortgage payments current, you may
    decide to sell your home with the beneficial Short Sale process. 

    You'll be impressed with our team and all our partners. You will pay us No Real Estate Commissions and you pay No Closing Costs!  The Lien Holder will pay these charges for you!

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